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tv   [untitled]    May 29, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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act. i am a longtime friend of two, including ross mirkarimi. i supported chris in the election last year, and i support ross mirkarimi now. i have changed my position, and i will tell you why. because ross mirkarimi has a sense of integrity. he may have an ego the size of the rock of gibraltar, but he has integrity, if he does not stand for organized crime, and the reason the sunshine case, you can google it, anyone can google's, this is so important that on march 13, it was referred to you as the ethics commission and the district attorney for enforcement, and two blocked the case. you blocked the case, and the case was filed one week later against the sheriff. you are out of order, and you are violating the civil rights of all of the people of park merced. [applause]
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>> good evening. my name is antonio. sheriff ross. i am a little disappointed in that you did not allow -- they say that the neighbor, ivory madison, called, "the san francisco chronicle," said she called in to report that there is a crime, but she did not call the police, after four days, so what is the motivation of that?
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behind-the-scenes, orchestrating this conspiracy. based on the evidence, he got 38,000 plus a beds. ed lee got over 30,000 plus of votes. -- plus votes. this is what they want to get rid of him, and this is wrong. dianne feinstein, she endorsed chris cunnie. gavin newsom. all of these people support chris cunnie. they do not support ross be gussied has a different political views. this ethics board, i would like to see the board of supervisors
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make better decisions. i was a victim of domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon. i have a police recording and all of the documentation, but the system did not help me. [bell] chair hur: thank you, sir. >> excuse me. could you pass this? >> yes. >> i have ask you over and over. what about my referral to this ethics commission over st. croix and the comptroller's office? i just found out that my cases have been transferred to the center is a city attorney.
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-- the san jose city attorney. whichever one of you it was, you should recuse yourself from the mirkarimi hearing. you might transfer this case to san jose, where it belongs, because you were all implicated by not being able to hold a fair hearing. in fact, today, larry bush, the proprietor of a website came out with an article on mine. www.citirejport. --, in which he notes that mr. mirkarimi's lawyers is submitted several exhibits, and the second one shows that mr. mirkarimi is being treated and held to a different standard than other city officials, but its ties historically to mayor ed lee.
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the city attorney, for his part, he took no action on several occasions of official misconduct, that may include the 25 that you have dismissed without any public hearings whatsoever. there is no difference in this case with mr. mirkarimi, because it seems as if the mayor is played by his own rules, and you are facilitating him playing by -- [bell] [applause] >> my name is barbara. i was struck by an unknown source that took a survey showing 62% support mayor edwin lee.
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i question the integrity of the ongoing source and question the integrity of the survey. for example, who were members of the sampling, and who conducted the survey? we want to know the name and who took part in it -- part in the survey. for example, was it a small group, or was it spread out over a mixture of san franciscans? no one is perfect, and that includes mayor lee. how many of you have as much as used a curse word to someone you are involved with, and the pain of the heart was so harmful because the kurds were used came from someone you loved? -- because the curse word used came from someone you loved? no physical pain was inflicted, just a curse word. you should not in person or by satellite have the wife of
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sheriff mirkarimi, the was voted by san franciscans at a higher percentage than mayor lee. i presume you reviewed the tape recording of the wife who was inflicted more with the pain of the heart, not a small bruise she sustained, that disappeared before -- before he was inaugurated. i urge you to interview the loving wife, eliana lopez mirkarimi for are making a resolution on suspended sheriff mirkarimi. [applause] >> good evening, commissioners.
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good evening, commissioners and ladies and gentlemen of the audience. i am submitting this of my public, as. my name is pastor gavin, this is my case 11048 that i believe has been long overdue, and i have been denied justice, a delay and denial of justice by the political family of san francisco in the memory of edgar, surely, dr. martin luther king, president lyndon johnson, former u.s. attorney robert fitzgerald kennedy, and on behalf of my mother and father, made the rest in peace, mr. and mrs. gavin. the city of san francisco, the ethics office, mr. st. croix, mr. herrera, also district attorney george gascon, and the mayor, they have violated my rights under the americans with
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disabilities act. they violated my rights, being a woman, being a black woman in the united states. i am appalled by this mr. justice. my case is much older than the case of ross mirkarimi. i should be here in the chambers with you against the four supervisors, supervisors mar, cohen, scott, and wiener. it this case is recommended to go before the board, and the four supervisors that have a sunshine violation, 11048, i myself will file the complaint with the california state bar because it is a conflict of interest for them to pass judgment on ross mirkarimi when they have committed a misdemeanor, they have broken a state law, they are in violation, and i am appalled and outraged that they are not in here tonight. [bell] [applause]
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>> ice debusschere has been singled out, and i feel it is a double standard, including bias. in the past, but it has been 25 previous official misconduct cases referred to the thunder -- sunshine task force, which was discussed by the ethics committee, however, it had not included a public hearing. i feel that the rules should not apply to one person, but the rules should be across the board, and if you want to reprimand one person, then it should apply to all, and thanks for listening, and please make an honest, fair decision, as you see fit. thank you.
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[applause] >> good evening. my name is vivian. i am a city employee, speaking as a private citizen on my own time. your focus is on ethics, so it should concern you that something as unethical as the process with two city employees, ross and inadvertently bruised his wife's arm and immediately apologize. on the other hand, a fire chief acted with malice aforethought twice, but when she assaulted her husband and when she later defied a court order to pay spousal support. curve behavior was morally reprehensible, and yet there have been no repercussions from city hall. it is unethical for ross to be treated some differently. you are in a position to have fairness, to put things back in
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perspective when they have been blown way out of proportion. to punish this man beyond redemption is on be fitting of a civilized society. it is a fundamentally flawed system when a man of this caliber is condemned. looking at him not as a case number, not as an assignment, but as a man, a brilliant, were the man, with a demonstrated dedication to serving our city -- a brilliant worthy man. take a look. he is a good man. [bell] [applause] [whistles] [applause] >> thanks. i am bernie. i raise the point that the agreement that ross signed was
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probably underdress with the situation that all parties would abide by it, given the absence of one who affirmed my supposition, it is likely that mayor lee and the city attorney have broken that agreement. therefore, the agreement is impede it. a different case. second, on the question of priorities by the district attorney, the sunshine ordinance task force unanimously agreed that the board of supervisors acted egregiously, in violation of due process, continuously, and asked that the district attorney take a case against them, but that was held to be a secondary priority to ross mirkarimi. there is something very wrong
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with that. i have served with ross as a friend and colleague on the san francisco tomorrow board, when he served honorably as an officer of the court -- the district attorney's office. if that does not prove integrity, i do not know what does. thank you. [bell] [applause] >> hi, my name is -- and i have known ross for seven years, because i have done some reports and have interviewed him for mine tv. i saw him working really hard. a and supervisor in city hall. i saw how hard he is working.
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as a sheriff of san francisco. he always helps everybody needed help. if somebody has a problem that we do not even know the nature of the problem, and they get angry, and somebody grabs somebody's hand. an abuser. a person who does not deserve his job. i was married for 20 years. a lot of times, i am said things to my husband in the heat of the moment that i do not believe. that does not mean that somebody would hold that against me for the rest of my life and ruin my career, and some people do get bruised easier than others. if i get my hand right here, i get bruised, and my sense, too.
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just because somebody grabs, it does not mean that he be to the person. it does not mean that the abuse to the person. he stopped immediately. it was just a fight. a family fight. it had nothing to do with this capacity for his hard work to be a share, and i came to this country because i believe in justice. my children are american persian. i do not believe that somebody -- [bell] chair hur: think you, ma'am. [applause] >> commissioners, i am rolan, pastor at a presbyterian church, and i am here as an american citizen. this is against an honorable, proven, committed servant to the
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people of san francisco, a former supervisor ross mirkarimi, the was duly elected sheriff of san francisco with more than 70,000 ranked first choice votes. there are allegations of official misconduct even before taking office. sheriff mirkarimi has taken responsibility for his actions in what should of been a private disagreement between his husband's -- between a husband and a wife, which happens in most marriages. he will be a better husband. it would have been somewhat of a challenge for me to be here if mrs. mirkarimi had received a black eye or a broken nose or ribs or a busted up lip or a tooth busted up or had not forgiven her husband or stood up for him, but for a bruise on her arm, words said in anchor, up to be charged of official
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misconduct and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars wasted, in a democracy where majority votes world, as strongly as bad as being stopped. the honorable board of supervisors and our honorable mayor, who encouraged him to change his position and run for mayor, i appeal to you for the good and future of our great city that to exercise mercy, forgiveness, a unit, and support for our democratically an elected sheriff madrassa will remain -- sheriff ross mirkarimi, so he can do the work that he was elected to perform and that we know he will do. [applause] >> i just want to thank you for allowing me to come and say something. i always in my lifetime, i try to stay out of politics and
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religion, but unfortunately, i could not keep quiet. the last three or four months, i have been watching on television what is going on with ross mirkarimi. i have never met the gentleman. this is the first time. something happened in the house between a wife and a husband. i want to know which one of you have not had the same problems. everyone has an argument with their wife and kids. i have done it, too. we get angry once in awhile, and we hurt the person closest to you, so i do not think that they can say that because he grabbed something, this or that. that does not mean it, because the expert was not there. there were two people. it was mr. mirkarimi and his wife. nobody knows what happened. the d.a.'s office -- i am sorry, the city attorney, mrs. lopez,
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this case was politics. it has got to be the district attorney and the judge who created that. i personally have been dragged into court for 25 years. i lost 600 acres, and i have been sleeping in a garage with two kids. i appreciated. i do not think you or even the mayor has anything to do with this. more power above. thank you very much. [applause] >> commissioners, good evening. thank you for letting me speak this evening, after all of the other speakers. for the record, my name is -- lawrence. i have spoken before this
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commission several times in the past. i have been a citizen and resident of the county for 44 years. a citizen of this country all of my life. what i see right now taking place is one of the biggest waste of times i have ever seen. we live in a city of 1,000 tons of the murders, yet the district attorney has time to prosecute a man that breezed his wife's arm in an argument. -- bruised his wife's arm in an argument. you tell me which one of you has a perfect marriage. throw the first stone. you do not have a case here. i do not know what you are voting on. you do not have any suspects because they will not come forward and admit it. it is over. you did not prosecute the previous mayor. we used to have a mayor in san francisco picking up hookers in his limousine and bringing them to city hall at board meetings. i did not see the city ethics
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commission then. on campaign night, no investigations there. he came forward and said it was drug abuse. no investigation there. now we have ross, being investigated because of an argument with his wife. if you look back in the history of this city, if you look at all of the cases you have not looked at, and now you are exploding on this one, but the biggest deficit in san francisco's history, u.s. prosecutors wasted hours and hours looking for depositions on so-called expert witnesses they are going to find in a phone book -- [laughter] ? is an expert witness on san francisco? you tell me. [bell] [cheers and applause] [applause] >> hello.
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what i want to say is that i was here last time, and i am going to reiterate the same message i gave last time, that this is unnecessary. it is a waste of taxpayer money. ross was working with people in the jails, making life better. it needs to be fixed because the right person is not running it. you have to let him go back and do his job. they say they are doing this to help eliana and their son. nothing i have seen has helped them. let the man go back and do his job. mayor lee is a sore loser, but
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he has got to let it go so the people in the jail -- andross can take care of his family. [cheers and applause] . >> good evening, commissioners. my name is eric bob mcdonnell, and i am here to urge you to drop these charges, dismissed these charges, and reinstate wasa mirkarimi immediately. this case is not about a bruised arm, and i can prove it to you. i myself that two badly bruised arm when a violent felony was committed against me when i was attacked on the streets, only to be denied justice by the very same people. only to be denied justice by the very same government agencies who are now claiming the moral high ground in the name of
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public safety. we need sheriff ross mirkarimi's leadership, and we need it yesterday. i am very upset with mayor edwin lee for bringing these ridiculous charges. he is a long time since the insider who was appointed to his position as mayor without anything remotely resembling a public process. whereas mirkarimi received more than 2000 plus, more votes than mayor ed lee last november, and mayor ed lee is now trying to shamelessly overturn that election. i urge you to not let him do that. if mayor ed lee as 1 ounce of integrity left, he will end this charade and give this city our share of back. i thank you for your time. [cheers and applause]
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>> good evening, commissioners, and thank you so much for allowing us to speak at such a late hour. thank all of you for your hard work. my name is -- i am the co- founder of a support group, and i am here to support share of mirkarimi because i lost a son to gun violence in 1996, and his case remains unsolved. my son was killed before his sixth birthday, so does not have his father. little theo has his father but does not have this father, and in the human circle, we are for keeping families together, not
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tearing them apart. i must say, sheriff mirkarimi, you have failed to look at his record. when homicide happen in our neighborhood at 2:00 in the morning, do you know who is there? sheriff mirkarimi. when homicides happen anywhere in the western addition, he is always there. when there is a funeral, and he is there. when there is a community meeting, he is there. he is there walking the neighborhood, at the farmer's market, talking to us. he is a public servant. he is bigger than a public servant, and i am here to say we spend too much money and tax dollars on unnecessary things like this when they should be spent on unsolved homicide cases. we have thousands of unsolved cases, and mine is one of them. i am asking the mayor and the city and you to do the right thing.
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heard people hurt people, and healed people kill people. let's get in the killing business and start healing our city. thank you. [bell] [applause] >> good evening, commissioners. my name is -- jackson. i am a native san franciscan. i am elected delegate to the democratic national convention and a delegate to a committee. my support for sheriff mirkarimi is a very selfish. i want the people of san francisco the cannot speak for themselves to get the attention that share of mirkarimi was elected for. i am beseeching you to get back to the big six and use your fairness and ethics. i ask that you not be biased by the power of the position of mayor with the preponderance of evidence. please recommend a share to be
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and suspended without pay and returned to share as elected by the majority of san franciscans. again, thank you for all you do, and i think you in advance for your ethical analysis and submit you will deliberate with the highest at the core standards. please do not stack the decks. and again, thank you for what you do. [applause] >> how are you doing? my name is larry ames, and i am 100% supportive of ross. he has always been supportive of our group. it is a complete fiasco and a total waste of time doing this, and it means -- he needs to be back in the office of sheriff, back in the office of sheriff, where he will do the most good